2 charming rooms

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The Bed & Breakfast Le Petit Jardin offers two very original and charming rooms decorated and furnished in exotic style. With independant access, each room has a private terrace, oriented southwards and overlooking the small garden.

Each accomodation has its own bathroom with shower, is equipped with air conditioning and a small refrigerator. In each room of our bed & breakfast you will also find an hair dryer, and a little CD player to fill the atmosphere with nice quiet music. Wi-fi is available and free in each room.

You will also find a kettle to prepare tea, coffee or herbal tea as well as all the documentation about public transports, cultural events and good restaurants and bars around Marseille.


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La chambre Afrique avec son coin salon.
Femmes africaines.
Pierre et bois dans la salle de bain de la chambre afrique.
Un detail de la salle de bain de la chambre Afrique.
La terrasse de la chambre Afrique pour profiter du soleil.
Originalité et athmosphere dans la chambre Afrique.
Le coin salon de la chambre Afrique.

Gustave Flaubert saw in Marseille a “city of Babel” for all nations, a place no longer totally french but not yet totally foreign. “Marseille’s harbour is the meeting point of the whole world” said Alexandre Dumas (the father of Edmond Dantes character imprisonned in the small island of the château d’If which is just offshore of the place!).

In Marseille, the international exchanges have always been very important and exciting especially with Africa and Asia from the XIXth century to mid XXth century. The Africa room reflects this tendency….

The room is equipped with a double bed (160 x 200), very original bathroom (partly dug out of the rock), and a small living area opening onto a private terrace overlooking the small garden of our bed & breakfast.


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La chambre Asie est complétement taillée dans le rocher.
La chambre Asie avec sa terrasse donnnant sur le petit jardin.
Une salle de bain original pour la chambre Asie.
Rouge, jeune, noire et pierre pour la chambre Asie.
Un detail de la chambre Asie.
La chambre Asie mesure environ 30 mq.

With the construction of the Suez Canal in 1869, Marseille opened its harbour to the Far East…

The Asia room has a spirit of the Far East, completely built in the rock of the hill and at ground level with the little zen garden, its jasmin, bamboo,flowers and blue tree.

The accomodation is equipped with a double bed (160 x 200) and a single bed (90 x 200). The shower is shaped in the rock and partially open in the room.